• Instrument Lessons

    Instrument Lessons

    Under this program you can learn to play any musical instrument of your choice for as long as you wish. However, the minimum required duration is three months. The musical instruments available under this program […]

  • Music Business and Career Guidance

    Music Business and Career Guidance

    Making music and making a living from your music are not the same thing. When it comes to getting your music into the marketplace you must fasten your seat belt and get exposed to the […]

  • Songwriting


    Songwriting: Have you always dreamt of writing award-winning songs? Do you already write songs, but feel it’s about time you started writing like a pro? Here is a perfect course for you! Songwriting is both […]

  • Music Video Editing

    Music Video Editing

    This course focuses primarily on professional editing of musical videos. You will be taught how to use up-to-date software for editing music videos, creating special effects and exporting videos. Software coverage includes Adobe Premiere, Corel […]

  • DJ Academy

    DJ Academy

    This is the special training for those interested in learning to use the modern Disc Jockey turntable and other related equipment. The training is anchored by one of the nation’s most acclaimed D.Js, using the […]

  • Dance


    Here, you receive professional dance and choreography lessons twice weekly. The training covers basic forms of dance (Ballet, Hip pop, Salsa, Traditional, Fitness dance, etc). There is no limit regarding your age, and you can […]