Making music and making a living from your music are not the same thing. When it comes to getting your music into the marketplace you must fasten your seat belt and get exposed to the world of music business. How does it work? From writing your song and copyrighting it to finding a good record producer, getting the job out of the studio, promoting the song, getting a record deal, signing contracts, releasing an album and marketing it, all the way to getting booked for every major gig. You need to know how it works.

Our Music Business and Career Guidance course is a two module –three month per module- program that focuses on empowering you to become savvy with the nitty-gritty of music and entertainment business in general. It’s an eye opener into the day to day industry operations, ranging from copyright to music publishing, record deals, artist management, music promotion, events and showbiz, etc. The program is designed for people intending to build careers in music and entertainment industry entrepreneurs in general.

Basic information for the three month Music Business program
Lecture Holds: Once Weekly
Course Fee: Fifty Thousand Naira only (N50, 000.00).
NB: Payment must be made in full before commencement of lectures.